Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Cabinet of Dr. Lapin


Tuesday October 30th, Laura Parker and I hosted the Cabinet of Dr. Lapin, a lecture by Dr. Daniel Lapin on horror art. Dr. Lapin is the author of The Vampire, Dracula and Incest. In his own words...

"The horror myth, and the vast body of literature, art and films that embody it, is a collectively shared nightmare. Everyone knows it's a meaningful nightmare -- and a multi-billion dollar industry -- but how shall we interpret this dream?"

Dr. Lapin's lecture explored horror films and books, examining the unconscious motivations of the authors, and subsequently the overall place and function of the genre as it relates to art and society. Despite the evenings interruption by an earthquake, we had a larger than expected turn out for this event, one of several we will be hosting over the coming months.

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