Friday, February 27, 2009

Back from Monster Draw!

I just came back from the Monster Draw! The place is boiling hot and packed to the walls. I've never seen so many people for an art event. As a friend of mine commented, it is sort of antithetical conditions for an artist, like having a large crowd of people watching you sing in the shower. But after about 20 minutes one settles in and ignores the flash bulbs and noise. I'm happy to report I was able to finish two drawings... a couple of my 'little dudes' that I draw for kicks. (The photos are a bit out of focus because the table was constantly being bumped) Monet had his little character drawings, I have mine...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Southern Exposure’s 9th Annual Monster Drawing Rally

Hey, is that me from last year?... yep, that's my RBK hoodie and Coffee Bar coffee.

This is an annual live drawing event with more than 120 artists creating drawings... live! And you can purchase a drawing for just $60! All proceeds support Southern Exposure's Exhibitions and Artists in Education Programs. Southern Exposure has been a big part of the arts community and the Mission district, I hope you can make it to this great event.

Time: Friday, February 27, 2009, 
6:00 - 11:00 PM (I'll be drawing from 9 to 10 pm)

Donation: $5 & UP

Event Location: Verdi Club, 2424 Mariposa Street (between Hampshire and Potrero Streets)

 Brett Amory, Lauren Anderson, Kathy Aoki, Chris Applegren, Seth Armstrong, Johnna Arnold, Mara Baldwin, David Becker, Pete Belkin, Bert Bergen, Elisheva Biernoff, Evan Bissel, Michelle Blade, James Bradley, Val Britton, Charlie Callahan, Michele Carlson, Deric Carner, John Casey, Constance Castillo, Alexander Cheves, Youmna Chlala, Serena Cole, Randy Colosky, Lisa Congdon, Jaime Cortez, Lauren Davies, Christian Davies, Veronica De Jesus, Tina Dillman, Nina Elder, Marcela Florez, Amy Franceschini, Adam Friedman, Matt Furie, Narangkar Glover, Pete Glover, Ariel Goldberg, Michael Hall, Liz Harvey, Chelsea Heikes, Eric Heiman, Queena Hernandez, Terry Hoff, Misa Inaoka, Ian Johnson, Kelly Lynn Jones, Kara Joslyn, Josh Keyes, David King, Tashana Kjelland, Sarah Klein, Chris Leib, Justin Limoges, Ken Lo, Ivan Lopez, Marina Luz, Nathan Lynch, Paul Madonna, Minette Mangahas, Michelle Mansour, Kari Marboe, Vanessa Marsh, Corinne Matesich, Christina Mazza, Mike McConnell, G! aelan McKeown, Jeff Meadows, Jody Medich, David Muller, Carson Murdach, Claire Nereim, Jessica Niello, Andy Nizinskyj, Sandra Ono, Jennie Ottinger, Matthew Palladino, Lana Parcello, Erik Parra, Kamau Patton, Hilary Pecis, Stephanie Peek, Chris Pew, George Pfau, Ferris Plock, Mel Prest, Kyle Ranson, Lisa Ricci, Ricardo Richie, Favianna Rodriguez, Lordy Rodriguez, John Rogers, Veronica Rojas, Thorina Rose, Nat Russell, Zachary Rossman, Sham Saenz, Colleen Sanders, Zachary Royer Scholz, Andrew Schoultz, Emily Sevier, Ryan Shaffer, Deth P. Sun, Jiharri Terry, Tracy Timmins, Trevor Tubelle, Jessica Tully, Kelly Tunstall, Gina Tuzzi, Aiyana Udesen, Paul Urich, Adrian Van Allen, Jamie Vasta, Ben Venom, Marci Washington, Amanda Williams, Jenifer Wofford, Michael Louis Young.

 Music will be delivered all night long by Bo Derelict.
 (great name...)

Last years event was great fun... hope to see you there!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Giant Leap for Mankind... Josh Ellingson's Art goes Orbital

Fellow artist at Bryant Street Studios, Josh Ellingson, received confirmation today that his artwork was part of the first art exhibition... in... SPACE! In October space entrepreneur, Richard Garriott, held the first ever art exhibition in Earth orbit aboard the International Space Station. Known also as 'Lord British', Garriott was an early pioneer of computer gaming back the 1980s and is the son of former NASA astronaut, Dr. Owen Garriott. Ellingson's piece: "Dirty Martini and the Birth of the Space Program" was selected along with several works by other Earth artists, including: Steve Jenson, Drue Kataoka, Greg Mort, John Matthew Riva, Melinda Fager, and another SF local, Stanley Goldstein.

In a post-event web interview, I asked Mr. Ellingson if he had any words of advice for the young people out there?
"I would like to tell the young people of Earth, that they should try things even if they sound impossible. And I guess I've learned even when things seem like they've completely fallen apart, there's still hope," says Ellingson.

You can view Josh Ellingson's artwork at:
(It's the woman with the rocket in the background, you can't miss it.)